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Always Say Goodbye

Unbekannt, Charlie Haden Quartet West, Charlie Haden Quartet West / Memb., Lauren Bacall

Always Say Goodbye

Casa discografica Verve, Gitanes Jazz Productions / 521 501-2

Anno di produzione 1994

The Big Sleep. Original Filmmusik (Film)
1. 1. The Warner Bros. logo fanfare 2. Introduction
2. Always say goodbye   
3. Nice eyes   
4. Relaxin' at Camarillo   
5. Sunset afternoon   
Apache (Film)
6. 1. My love and I 2. My love and I   
7. Alone together   
8. Our spanish love song   
9. Backgroud music   
10. 1. Où es-tu, mon amour ? = Where are you, my love ? (orig)   
11. Avenue of stars   
Anatomy of a murder (Film)
12. Low key lightly (Variations on the theme of Hero to Zero)   
14. Everything happens to me   
The Big Sleep (Film)
15. Ending