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LL Swings The Strings

Palefaces, Tutti Matti, LL and Müller, Acoustic Blues Brothers, Rolf "LL" Lüthi, N.Y. Cole Band, Irish Whiskey Blues, Soulin' Crash, Roland LL Lüthi

LL Swings The Strings

Casa discografica Blue Nose Records / BN 067

Anno di produzione 2002

1. World Trade Center blues
2. Texan playground
3. Things have changed
4. Les emibois
5. Sunny side up
6. They call me paleface
7. Big D shuffle
9. Skipjack blues
10. Cutie little beauty
11. Horse-shit'n'gunsmoke
12. Minestrone
13. Jigsaw puzzle
14. Mercedes blues
15. Chewy Peggy
16. Frosty
17. Flashback
18. The same old blues all over