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Something Cool

June Christy

Something Cool

Casa discografica Capitol Records / CDP 7 96329 2

Anno di produzione 1991

1. Not I   
2. Whee baby   
3. Why do you have to go home   
5. Something cool   
6. Magazines   
7. Midnight sun   
8. Lonely house   
9. I should care   
10. It could happen to you   
11. The first thing you know, you're in love   
12. A stranger called the Blues   
13. I'll take romance   
14. Look out up there   
15. Softly as in a morning sunrise   
16. Out of somewhere   
17. Love doesn't live here anymore   
18. I'm thrilled   
19. This time the dream's on me   
20. The night we called it a day   
21. Kicks   
22. Pete Kelly's Blues   
23. Until the real thing comes along   
24. I never want to look into those eyes again