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Lena Horne



Interprètes Lena Horne (vocals)
Frank Owens (piano)
Rodney Jones (guitar)
Benjamin F. Brown (Double Bass)
Akira Tana (drums)
Houston Person (tenor sax)

Auteurs Billy Strayhorn Frank Owens

Date d'enregistrement septembre 1993
octobre 1993


We'll Be Together Again

Lena Horne, Johnny Mathis

We'll Be Together Again

Label Blue Note / 7243 8 28974 2 2

Année de production 1994

2. Something to live for   
3. Day follows day   
4. Prelude to a kiss   
5. Love like this can't last   
6. We'll be together again   
7. A flower is a lovesome thing   
8. Old friend   
9. You're the one   
10. Havin' myself a time   
11. My mood is you   
12. I'll always leave the door a little open   
13. Do nothing 'till you hear from me   
14. Forever was a day   
15. I've got to have you   
16. My buddy