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It's The Talk Of The Town

Harry's Satchmo All Stars

It's The Talk Of The Town


Interprètes Harry's Satchmo All Stars
- Heinz "Harry" Güntlisberger (clarinet)
- Hans Keller (piano)

Auteurs Jerry Livingston Marty Symes Al J. Neiburg

Date d'enregistrement ca 2005



Harry's Satchmo All Stars, Harry's Satchmo All Stars - Duo


Label Eigenvertrieb

Année de production 2005

1. Out Of Nowhere
2. Body And Soul
4. I Want A Little Girl
5. Poor Butterfly
6. Tenderly
7. Everything Happens To Me
8. You Can Depend On Me
9. Prisoner Of Love
10. I'm Confessing That I Love You
11. If I Had You
12. As Time Goes By
14. Georgia On My Mind
15. Exactly Like You
16. Oh Baby
17. Time On My Hands
18. Memories Of You
19. Jersey Bounce
20. What A Wonderful World