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Portrait Of Django

Lucky Thompson & Gerard "Dave" Pochonet All Stars

Portrait Of Django


Interprètes Lucky Thompson (tenor sax)
Gerard "Dave" Pochonet All Stars
- Jo Hrasko (alto sax)
- Martial Solal (piano)
- Marcel Hrasko (bass)
- Jean-Pierre Sasson (guitar)
- Benoît Quersin (bass)
- Gérard Pochonet (drums)

Auteurs Jean-Pierre Sasson

Date d'enregistrement 29. mars 1956


The Complete Vogue Recordings Vol. 2

Lucky Thompson, Gerard "Dave" Pochonet All Stars

The Complete Vogue Recordings Vol. 2

Label Vogue / 74321559502

Année de production 1998

2. The Parisian Knight
3. Street Scene
4. Angel Eyes
5. To You Dear One
6. But Not for Tonight
7. A Distant Sound
9. Still Waters
10. A Sunkissed Rose
12. Theme for a Brown Rose
13. The World Awakes
14. Lover Man
15. Strike up the Band