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Use Me

Walter Wolfman Washington and the Roadmasters

Use Me


Interprètes Walter Wolfman Washington & The Roadmasters
Walter "Wolfman" Washington (vocals, electric guitar)
Jack Cruz (Elektrischer Bass)
Wilbert Arnold (drums)
Brian Mitchel (keyboard)
J. B. Horns
Maceo Parker (alto sax)
Fred Wesley (Trombone)
Pee Wee Ellis (tenor sax)

Auteurs Bill Withers

Date d'enregistrement ca 1995


Blue Moon Risin'

Walter Wolfman Washington & The Roadmasters

Blue Moon Risin'

Label 4-Tune / 874 530 907

Année de production 1995

2. Glasshouse
3. You're Fine
4. Blues Has Got To Go
5. I Had A Dream
7. Blue Moon Risin'
9. Can't Stop Loving You
11. He Will See Us Thru
12. Drown