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Best Friend

Urs Wiesendanger feat. Michèle Anderle

Best Friend


Interprètes Urs Wiesendanger (piano)
Michèle Anderle (vocals)
Claudio Cervino (guitar)
Paul Buchmeier (e-bass)
Daniel Stern (drums)

Auteurs Urs Wiesendanger


The Real Me

Urs Wiesendanger, Thomi Geiger, Warren Hill, Thierry Condor, Michèle Anderle

The Real Me

Label Fast Peak Recordings / 6666 9098032 1

Année de production 1998

1. Intro
2. California   
3. Separate Ways   
4. For You And...
6. Something Special   
7. Move (Interlude)   
9. Move Move On   
11. Ragga Real   
12. Mr.Jones   
13. Another Chance For Love   
14. Turn Out The Lamp Light   
15. J & U   
16. Ventura Blvd.