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Walla Walla

Michael "Mike" Goetz

Walla Walla


Interprètes Mike Goetz (piano)

Auteurs Johnny Guarnieri

Date d'enregistrement 4. mars 1994 - 5. mars 1994


Masters Of Harlem Stride Piano

Mike Goetz

Masters Of Harlem Stride Piano

Label Downtown Records / CD 9209

Année de production 1995

1. Poodlin' With Pat = Poodlin' with Pat
2. Loncy
3. Dedicated To Bob Vatel Of The Ten Gallons
4. Love Will Find A Way
5. Little Stride (For Big Ben)
6. After The Sun Goes Down
7. Dollar Dance
8. Was It A Lie
10. Just Before Daybreak
11. Frisco Rider
12. Complainin'
13. Birmingham Breakdown
14. Morning Stroll
15. I Would Do Anything For You
17. Thru For The Day