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Brand New Blues Blues

Jeannie And Jimmy Cheatham

Brand New Blues Blues


Interprètes Jeannie Cheatham (piano, vocals)
Jimmy Cheatham (bass trombone, leader)
Charles McPherson (alto sax)
Jimmy Noone, Jr. (soprano sax, clarinet)
Curtis Peagler (tenor sax, alto sax)
Snooky Young (trumpet)
Red Callender (Double Bass)
John "Ironman" Harris (drums)

Auteurs Jeannie Cheatham Jimmy Cheatham

Date d'enregistrement septembre 1984


Sweet Baby Blues

Jeannie Cheatham, Jimmy Cheatham

Sweet Baby Blues

Label Concord / CCD 4258

Année de production 1985

4. I Got A Mind To Ramble
7. Cherry Red
8. Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On