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Running Wild

Hot Sardines

Running Wild


Interprètes Hot Sardines
- Miz Elizabeth Bougerol (vocals)
- Evan "Bibs" Palazzo (piano, leader)
- Jason Prover (trumpet)
- Nick Myers (tenor sax, clarinet)
- Mike Sailors (cornet, valve trombone)
- Sam Raderman (guitar)
- Evan Crane (Double Bass, tuba)
- Alex Raderman (percussion, drums)
- Fast Eddy Francisco (step dance)

Auteurs Arthur Harrington Gibbs Joe Grey Leo Wood Alex Raderman

Date d'enregistrement ca 2016


French Fries + Champagne

Hot Sardines, Alan Cumming, Bob Parins

French Fries + Champagne

Label Decca Records / 0602547809384

Année de production 2016

2. People Will Say We’re In Love   
3. When I Get Low I Get High   
4. Addicted To Love   
5. Sweet Pea   
7. Here You Are Again   
8. Until The Real Thing Comes Along   
9. French Fries & Champagne   
11. Gramercy Sunset