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Another Samba For You

Dani Felber

Another Samba For You


Interprètes Dani Felber Jazz Band
- Götz Arens (piano)
- Ulle Rode (Double Bass)
- Ole Seimetz (drums)
- Georg Mikriozis

Auteurs Dani Felber

Date d'enregistrement 2011


A portrait of Dani

Dani Felber Big Band, Dani Felber Big Band Explosion, Dani Felber Orchestra, Dani Felber Jazz Band

A portrait of Dani

Label Dani Felber Records / LC-48973

Année de production 2015

1. Opener   
2. Thank you, Fos!   
3. Jörg on the road   
4. One, two, three   
5. Guarda Val   
6. That's my life   
7. Sina's dream   
8. Sweet breeze   
9. Tonight is the night   
10. More than just friends   
11. AVO   
12. Everlasting love   
14. Pink Bossa   
15. Beautiful dance   
16. Alpin Salsa   
17. Never ending party   
18. Dream come true   
19. Now, Now Say Goodbye   
21. This is for my friend Andrea Tofanelli (Live Analog Recorded Track)