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Walkin' Blues

Bartrek feat. Jakob Künzel

Walkin' Blues


Interprètes Bartrek
Corinne Arnould (baritone sax, soprano sax, accordion)
Jakob Künzel (vocals, harmonica)
Sarah Cooper (background voice, vocals)
Marco Piazzalonga (mandoline, guitar)
Stephan Pulver (keyboard)
Robert Schweizer (fretless bass)

Auteurs Robert Johnson

Date d'enregistrement novembre 1989


L'ivresse des sons


L'ivresse des sons

Label Fun Key / 38015

Année de production 1992

1. Birthday song
2. Open hearts
3. Poles apart
4. Let's go to Egypt
5. The evenin' star
6. Once for twice
7. Rocky raccoon
8. Miss you tonite
9. Out of order
10. New land
11. Can't find the words
12. The weather's changing
13. Gimme a drink of liquor
14. Stranger
15. Still lickin' my wounds
17. Do you know what down is?
18. One kind favour
19. Enjoy the silence
20. Chains
21. Fool no fool
22. One more song