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Santa Sweetie

Daniel Spichiger & Band feat. Phoebe Fuller

Santa Sweetie


Interprètes Daniel Spichiger & Band
- Daniel Spichiger (piano, cajon)
- Rolf Häsler (tenor sax)
- Giorgos Antoniou (Double Bass)
- Pius Holzer (drums)
- Peter Zwahlen (percussion)
Phoebe Fuller (vocals)

Auteurs Daniel Spichiger

Date d'enregistrement ca 2012


The Coming Of Light

Daniel Spichiger & Band, Phoebe Fuller

The Coming Of Light

Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Année de production 2012

2. Let It Snow
3. The Coming Of Light
4. A Little Bit Of Calypso
6. Stroll For Two
8. A Place Where Love Is Found
9. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
10. Love You'll Never Loose
11. Some Children See Him
12. Medley