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Teardrops From My Eyes

Pamela Luss with Houston Person

Teardrops From My Eyes


Interprètes Pamela Luss (vocals)
Houston Person (tenor sax)
John Di Martino (piano)
James Chirillo (guitar)
Ray Drummond (Double Bass)
Willie Jones III (drums)

Auteurs Rudolph Toombs John Di Martino

Date d'enregistrement 24. mai 2009
25. mai 2009


Sweet And Saxy

Pamela Luss, Houston Person

Sweet And Saxy

Label Savant Records / SCD 2103

Année de production 2009

2. You Better Go Now   
3. Star Eyes   
4. Can't Get Out Of This Mood   
5. Why Was I Born?   
6. Maybe You'll Be There   
8. You Belong To Me   
9. Don'cha Go Away Mad   
10. Ain't No Sunshine   
11. It's Too Late