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Thank You Van's Waltz

Hardy Hepp

Thank You Van's Waltz


Interprètes Hardy Hepp (piano, vocals)
Dodo Hug (background voice)
Corin Curschellas (background voice)
Orna Ralston (background voice)
Thomas Fessler (electric guitar)
Rosko Gee (e-bass)
Fritz Hauser (drums)

Auteurs Hardy Hepp

Date d'enregistrement 2. décembre 1993 (live)
3. décembre 1993 (live)


Hand In Hand In Kunming (Live)

Hon Jian Cheng, Hardy Hepp

Hand In Hand In Kunming (Live)

Label Zytglogge Verlag / ZYT 4999

Année de production 1994

1. Ansage
2. Smile
3. Mister Miller Wc
4. I've Been A...
5. Was häsch, warum bisch du truurig
6. Bevor dass tunneret
7. Wiit furt vo dir
8. Rolling Into Town
9. Ansage
10. Don't Take Any Wood'n Yodels
12. Small Country Station
13. The Heat Is On
14. Only Heaven Will Know
15. Following The Right Track
16. Heavens Door
17. Absage