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Sighin' And Cryin'

Horace Silver Quintet

Sighin' And Cryin'


Interprètes Horace Silver Quintet
- Horace Silver (piano)
- Blue Mitchell (trumpet)
- Junior Cook (tenor sax)
- Gene Taylor (Double Bass)
- Roy Brooks (drums)

Auteurs Horace Silver

Date d'enregistrement 28. janvier 1964


Song For My Father

Horace Silver Quintet, Horace Silver Trio

Song For My Father

Label Blue Note / CDP 7 84185 2

Année de production 1989

2. The Natives Are Restless Tonight   
3. Calcutta Cutie   
4. Que pasa   
5. The Kicker   
6. Lonely Woman   
7. Sanctimonious Sam   
10. Silver Treads Among My Soul