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Earl Hines Orchestra



Interprètes Earl Hines Orchestra
- Walter Fuller (trumpet)
- Milton Fletcher (trumpet)
- Edward Simms (trumpet)
- George Dixon (trumpet, alto sax)
- Edward "Ed" Burke (Trombone)
- John Ewing (Trombone)
- Joe McLewis (Trombone)
- Omer Simeon (bass sax, clarinet)
- Budd Johnson (tenor sax, clarinet, alto sax)
- Leroy Harris Jr. (alto sax)
- Robert "Bob" Crowder (tenor sax)
- Earl "Fatha" Hines (piano)
- Claude Roberts (guitar)
- Quinn Wilson (e-bass)
- Alvin Burroughs (drums)

Auteurs Hirsch Marks

Date d'enregistrement 12. juillet 1939


Piano Man. His Piano And His Orchestra

Earl "Fatha" Hines, Sidney Bechet Trio, Earl Hines Orchestra

Piano Man. His Piano And His Orchestra

Label Bluebird / ND86750

Année de production 1989

1. Rosetta
2. Body and soul
3. Child of a disordered brain
4. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
5. My melancholy baby
6. Blues in thirds
8. Grand terrace shuffle
9. Father steps in
10. Piano Man
11. Riff medley
12. Boogie Woogie on Saint Louis Blues
13. Deep forest
14. Number 19
15. Call me happy
16. Tantalizing a cuban
17. Jelly, Jelly
18. Up jumped the devil
19. Windy city jive
20. The father jumps
21. Second balcony jump
22. Stormy monday blues