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I'm Walkin'

Cyrus Chestnut feat. Russell Malone

I'm Walkin'


Interprètes Cyrus Chestnut (piano)
Michael Hawkins (Double Bass)
Neal Smith (drums)
Russell Malone (guitar)

Auteurs Fats Domino Dave Bartholomew

Date d'enregistrement 18. juillet 2005 - 19. juillet 2005


Genuine Chestnut

Cyrus Chestnut, Russell Malone, Steven Kroon

Genuine Chestnut

Label Telarc / CD-83634

Année de production 2006

2. El numero tres
4. Ellen's Song
5. Mason Dixon Line
6. Baby Girl's Strut
7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
8. Eyes on the Prize
9. Through the Valley
11. Lord, I Give Myself to You