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Clarence Holiday

Date de naissance 23.7.1898 à Baltimore, MD, Etats-Unis d Amérique

Date de décès 1.3.1937 à Dallas, TX, Etats-Unis d Amérique

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Clarence Holiday

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Clarence Halliday (1898-1937) (also known as Clarence Holiday) was an American musician and the probable father of singer, Billie Holiday.[1]

Early life

At the age of 17 years old, Halliday became the unmarried father of Billie Holiday who was born to 13 year old Julia Sadie Fagan. Halliday rarely visited Fagan or her daughter.[2]

When he was 21 years old he moved from Baltimore to Philadelphia.[3]


Halliday played rhythm guitar and banjo as a member of the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra (192833). Halliday also recorded with Benny Carter (1934) and Bob Howard (1935) and worked with Charlie Turner (1935), Louis Metcalf (193536), and the Don Redman Big Band (193637).


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