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Peter Ind

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Date de naissance 20.7.1928 à Uxbridge, Greater London, Grande-Bretagne

Date de décès 20.8.2021

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Peter Ind

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Peter Ind

Peter Ind (born July 20, 1928, Middlesex) is a British jazz double-bassist and record producer.

Ind began playing professionally in the late 1940s, including being part of the 'house band' on the ship Queen Mary from 1949 to 1951. He relocated to New York City in 1951, where he played with Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz (195457), Buddy Rich, Booker Ervin, Mal Waldron, and Slim Gaillard. He also branched into production at this time, and was a pioneer in stereo recording and overdubbing of jazz music in the 1950s. He produced sessions in his loft for Zoot Sims, Gerry Mulligan, and Booker Little. He founded his own label at the end of the 1950s, where he released the album Looking Out, featuring Joe Puma and Dick Scott. In addition to his own endeavors, he worked in sound engineering for the labels Atlantic, Verve, Bethlehem, and Warwick, founding his own company Wave in 1961.[1]

In 1963 Ind moved to Big Sur, California, where he remained until 1966. At this time he concentrated on performing unaccompanied, and recorded several albums of solo material. In 1965 he played with Konitz and Warne Marsh, an association that continued into the 1970s after his return to England in 1967. Private recordings under the Wave imprint began to be issued.[1]

In 1984 Ind opened a nightclub in London, the Bass Clef; after several successful years, the club had to close for tax reasons.

He is the author of two books: Jazz Visions - The Legacy of Lennie Tristano, a memoir of his association with Tristano and the state of jazz in 1950s New York, and The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism, a look at Wilhelm Reich and concerns about the earth's future regarding energy.

He has continued to write, issue CDs, and perform internationally.


As bandleader

  • Looking Out - Jazz Bass Baroque (A compilation of jazz recorded over a period of forty years: 1959 - 1999) (Wave, 1999)
  • Looking Out (Peter Ind with Ronnie Ball, Sal Mosca, Joe Puma, Al Schackman, Dick Scott and Sheila Jordan) (Wave, 1961)
  • Peter Ind - Improvisation (Wave, 1968)
  • Time for Improvisation (Wave, 1969)
  • The Peter Ind Sextet (Peter Ind, Bernie Cash, Dave Cliff, Derek Phillips, Chas. Burchall and Gray Allard) (Wave, 1975)
  • Jazz Bass Baroque (Peter Ind with Martin Taylor and others) (Wave, 1988)

As featured soloist

  • Konitz (Lee Konitz, Peter Ind, Ronnie Ball and Jeff Morton) (Storyville, 1954)
  • Lee Konitz in Harvard Square (Peter Ind, Jeff Morton, Percy Heath and Al Levitt)" (Storyville, 1955)
  • Paul Bley Trio (Paul Bley, Peter Ind and Alan Levitt) (Mercury (Wing), 1954)
  • Jutta Hipp Trio (Jutta Hipp, Peter Ind and Ed Thigpen) (Blue Note, 1955)
  • The Real Lee Konitz (Lee Konitz, Billy Bauer, Don Ferrara, Dick Scott and Peter Ind) (Atlantic, 1957)
  • Lee Konitz in Hi Fi (Lee Konitz, Sal Mosca, Billy Bauer, Peter Ind, Arnold Fishkind, Dick Scott and Shadow Wilson) (Atlantic, 1958)
  • Jimmy Raney - Strings and Swings (Jimmy Raney, Peter Ind and the Juilliard String Quartet) (Muse, 1958)
  • Buddy Rich in Miami (Buddy Rich, Flip Phillips, Ronnie Ball and Peter Ind)" (Verve, 1958)
  • The Very Cool Lee Konitz (Lee Konitz, Sal Mosca, Don Ferrara, Shadow Wilson and Peter Ind) (Verve, 1958)
  • No Kidding (Peter Ind, Dave Cliff, Chas. Burchell, Tox Drohar and Dick Scott) (Wave, 1974)
  • Jazz at the Richmond Festival (Peter Ind, Bernie Cash, Derek Phillips and Chas. Burchell) (Wave, ?)
  • Bud Freeman - Song of the Tenor (Bud Freeman, Bob Wilber, Bruce Turner, Keith Ingham, Bobby Orr and Peter Ind) (Phonogram, ?)
  • Some Hefty Cats - Dick Welstood with Peter Ind (Dick Welstood, Peter Ind, Keith Smith, Ian Wheeler and Barry Nichols) (Hefty Jazz, ?)
  • Jazz a Confronto (Lee Konitz, Dave Cliff, Al Levitt and Peter Ind) (Horo, 1975)
  • Up Jumped the Blues (Benny Waters, Keith Smith and Peter Ind) (Hefty Jazz, ?)
  • Sax for Dreamers (Tommy Whittle, Kenny Powell and Peter Ind) (Masquerade Records, ?)
  • Lee Konitz Meets Warne Marsh Again (Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh, Peter Ind and Al Levitt) (Produttonassociati, 1975)

As sideman

With Paul Bley

  • Paul Bley (EmArcy, 1954)

With Jutta Hipp

  • At the Hickory House Volume 1 (Blue Note, 1956)
  • At the Hickory House Volume 2 (Blue Note, 1956)


  • Jazz Visions - Lennie Tristano and His Legacy (2005, ISBN 978-1-84553-281-9)
  • The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism - Looking at the stars and thinking about the Earth (2007, ISBN 978-0-9558062-0-9)
  • Painting the Energy of Nature (2008)



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