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Zoltan Csörsz, Jr.

Date de naissance 4.7.1976

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Zoltán Csörsz

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Zoltán Csörsz (born 4 July 1976) is a Hungarian drummer who is most well known as the ex-drummer with the progressive rock band The Flower Kings.


Zoltan Csörsz was born on 4 July 1976 in Hungary. He began playing drums at age five, and won an international talent contest in Hungary at age nine.[1] Csörsz went on to win numerous other awards in Hungary, and eventually moved on to formal music training in Hungary and eventually the Jazz Institute in Malmö, Sweden, where he played in a variety of different bands. In May 2001 when The Flower Kings' drummer, Jaime Salazar, left the band, keyboardist Tomas Bodin suggested Csörsz because he was impressed by the drummer's skill, as he had played with him in previous projects as well as seeing him in various bands around Sweden.[1] Csörsz stayed with The Flower Kings before leaving the band in 2005. He then rejoined the band in 2007 to record their tenth album, The Sum of No Evil. He currently is in his own band, The Zoltan Csörsz Trio.

In 2011, Csörsz played drums on the Kee Marcello album Redux: Europe.[2]

In 2012 Zoltan teamed up with Blake Carpenter (The Minstrel's Ghost),[3][4] Marco Chiappini (Gandalf's Project), Troy James Martin (LeeAnne Savage) and Colin Tench (Corvus Stone and Bunchakeze) to record the album The Road To Avalon[5] due out late 2012. This is Zoltan's first progressive rock album in many years and has already been touted as one of the best albums of the year.

Among the artists he has toured with are LaGaylia Frazier and Jan Lundgren, with whom, alongside Mattias Svensson (bass), Zoltan is a member of the Jan Lundgren Trio.


With The Flower Kings

  • Unfold the Future (2002)
  • Meet the Flower Kings (2003)
  • Adam & Eve (2004)
  • The Sum of No Evil (2007)

With Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey

  • "Embrace the Galaxy" (2003)[6]

With The Jan Lundgren Trio

  • * European Standards (2008)
  • I Love Jan Lundgren Trio (2013)
  • Flowers of Sendai (2014)

With The MInstrel's Ghost

  • "The Road To Avalon" (2012)

With Karmakanic


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