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George Tucker

Date de naissance 10.12.1927 à Palatka, FL, Etats-Unis d Amérique

Date de décès 10.10.1965 à New York City, NY, Etats-Unis d Amérique

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George Tucker (musician)

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George Andrew Tucker (December 10, 1927, Palatka, Florida - October 10, 1965, New York City) was an American jazz double-bassist.

Tucker attended the New York Conservatory of Modern Music, studying bass in the late 1940s. Early in his career he played with Earl Bostic, John Coltrane, and Jackie McLean. He worked in the house bands of several lauded New York jazz venues, such as the Continental Lounge, The Playhouse, and Minton's; he played with Eric Dolphy, Clifford Jordan, Horace Parlan, Booker Ervin, Jerome Richardson, and Junior Mance during this time. In 1958, he recorded with Melba Liston on her jazz classic, "Melba and Her 'Bones". In 1960-61 he recorded with Stanley Turrentine, Parlan, Ervin, Dexter Gordon, and Shirley Scott, and in 1962-63 he toured with the trio of Dave Lambert, John Hendricks and Yolande Bavan. Near the end of his life he recorded with Coleman Hawkins and Jaki Byard.

George Tucker died from a cerebral hemorrhage while performing with guitarist, Kenny Burrell.[1]


As sideman

With Jaki Byard

  • Jaki Byard Quartet Live! (Prestige, 1965)
  • The Last from Lennie's (Prestige, 1965 [2003])

With Arnett Cobb

  • Sizzlin' (Prestige, 1960)
  • Ballads by Cobb (Moodsville, 1960)

With Ted Curson

  • Ted Curson Plays Fire Down Below (Prestige, 1962)

With Lou Donaldson

  • Midnight Sun (Blue Note, 1960)

With Booker Ervin

  • The Book Cooks (Bethlehem, 1960)

With Curtis Fuller

  • Jazz ...It's Magic! (Regent, 1957)
  • Curtis Fuller Volume 3 (Blue Note, 1957)
  • Two Bones (Blue Note, 1958)

With Dexter Gordon

  • Doin' Allright (Blue Note, 1961)

With Bennie Green

  • Back on the Scene (Blue Note, 1958)
  • Walkin' & Talkin' (Blue Note, 1959)

With Willis Jackson

  • Neapolitan Nights (Prestige, 1962)
  • Boss Shoutin' (Prestige, 1964)

With Etta Jones

  • Love Shout (Prestige, 1963)

With Clifford Jordan

  • Cliff Craft (Blue Note, 1957)

With Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan

  • Havin' a Ball at the Village Gate (RCA, 1963)

With Gildo Mahones

  • I'm Shooting High (Prestige, 1963)
  • The Great Gildo (Prestige, 1964)

With Charles McPherson

  • Con Alma! (Prestige, 1965)

With Horace Parlan

  • Us Three (Blue Note, 1960)
  • Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note, 1960)
  • Headin' South (Blue Note, 1960)
  • On the Spur of the Moment (Blue Note, 1961)
  • Up & Down (Blue Note, 1961)

With Sonny Red

  • The Mode (Jazzland (1961)
  • Images (Jazzland, 1961)

With Freddie Redd

  • San Francisco Suite (Riverside, 1957)

With Shirley Scott

  • The Shirley Scott Trio (Moodsville, 1960)
  • Satin Doll (Prestige, 1961 [1963])
  • Hip Twist (Prestige, 1961)

With Johnny "Hammond" Smith

  • All Soul (New Jazz, 1959)
  • That Good Feelin' (New Jazz, 1959)
  • Talk That Talk (New Jazz, 1960)

With Lucky Thompson

  • Lucky Thompson Plays Happy Days Are Here Again (Prestige, 1965)

With Stanley Turrentine

  • Look Out! (Blue Note, 1960)
  • Comin' Your Way (Blue Note, 1961)
  • Up at "Minton's" (Blue Note, 1961)
  • Jubilee Shout!!! (Blue Note, 1961)

With Jimmy Witherspoon

  • Baby, Baby, Baby (Prestige, 1963)


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