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Laura Fygi

Laura Fygi

Date de naissance 27.8.1955 à Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Pays-Bas

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Laura Fygi

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Laura Fygi (born 27 August 1955 in Amsterdam) is a Dutch singer.

Background and career

For the first eight years of her life, she lived with her parents in Ecuador. She is the daughter of a Dutch father (a manager at Philips) and an Egyptian mother.[1]

Between 1984 and 1991, Laura Fygi was a member of one of the most popular Dutch girl-bands, Centerfold, known for their hit "Dictator". During performances, the ladies dressed themselves in sexy lingerie. They had hits in the Netherlands and all over Europe. They were big in Japan.

In 1991, the ladies of Centerfold stopped performing and Laura (together with Rowan Moore) started a band called The Backlot. After one performance in Dutch theatre Paradiso, an album was expected, but Mercury Records had already asked Laura to make a solo album. This first album of hers was called Introducing, produced by Ruud Jacobs. On this album, she was accompanied by famous Belgian musician Jean "Toots" Thielemans. Most of the songs on the album are jazz.

Solo albums

  • Introducing 1991
  • Bewitched 1993
  • The Lady Wants to Know 1994
  • Turn Out the Lamplight 1995
  • Watch What Happens 1997
  • Dream your dream 1998 (released in Japan only)
  • Live 1998
  • Laura Fygi's tunes of passion 1999 (special release for Jaguar Nederland)
  • The Latin Touch 2000
  • Change 2001
  • Live at Ronnie Scott's 2003
  • The Very Best Time of Year 2004
  • Rendez-vous 2007
  • Songs from Movies & Musicals 2009
  • The Best is Yet to Come 2011

Stage appearances

  • Victoria Grant/Count Victor Grazinski in Victor/Victoria, Singapore 2009


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