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Nico Brina

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Date de naissance 29.9.1969 à Biel / Bienne, BE, Suisse

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Nico Brina

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Nico Brina (born 29 September 1969, Biel-Bienne, Switzerland), is a boogie-woogie, blues and rock and roll pianist and singer.

In 1984 he co-founded the rock and roll band, Jive Boys. By 1988 Brina started playing his first blues and boogie solo performances. In 1990 he increased his knowledge of music by visiting the jazz school in Bern. Since 1993 he has been accompanied by a drummer and played more than 100 concerts a year - all over the world, including in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece). In 1995 Brina won the Prix Walo (Swiss award) as a 'special act'.

In 1996 he became the fastest boogie-woogie player ever in the world, and thanks to his "High Speed Boogie" he entered the Guinness Book of Records. In 2003 Brina released Born To Be A Boogieman, his fifth album. It was dedicated to his 20th anniversary on stage. In 2005 his latest DVD Happy Ol Boy was released. It contains clips, studio footage and excerpts of live performances.

In November 2006 Brina released an album on vinyl record, Blues and Boogie Volume 1, a special edition that was limited to 1000 pieces only. Blues and Boogie Volume 2, the second special edition album on vinyl record is due for release in December 2008.

In March 2008 Brina released his sixth album, King of Boogie, a 17 track CD album, 12 of which is Brina's own compositions, along with drummers Charlie Wiebel and Tobias Schramm.

In March 2009 Brina released his seventh album, 25 years live on stage (1984-2009), a 16 track CD album, 7 of which are Brina's own compositions, celebrating Nico's 25 years of performing live on stage, along with drummers Charlie Wiebel and Tobias Schramm and Guitarist Pete Borel.

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