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No Moon at All

Roger Cicero & After Hours

No Moon at All


Performers Roger Cicero (vocals)
After Hours
- Stephan Abel (tenor sax, soprano sax)
- Lutz Krajenski (piano)
- Hervé Jeanne (Double Bass)
- Matthias Meusel (drums)

Composers David Mann Redd Evans

Date of recording 24 May 2004


There I Go

Roger Cicero, After Hours

There I Go

Record Label JazzSick Records / 0005012JS

Year of production 2008

1. Joy Spring
2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
4. The Wedding
5. My Favorite Things
7. Chan's Song (Never Said)
8. My Kinda World
9. Where I Belong
11. Moody's Mood for Love