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Don't Let It Go To Your Head

John Pizzarelli Trio feat. Harry Allen

Don't Let It Go To Your Head


Performers John Pizzarelli Trio
John Pizzarelli (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Ray Kennedy (piano)
Martin Pizzarelli (Double Bass)
Harry Allen (tenor sax)

Composers Henry Hadamik Frank LaVere Bob Nast John Pizzarelli Trio

Date of recording at about 1999


P.S. Mr. Cole

John Pizzarelli Trio

P.S. Mr. Cole

Record Label RCA (Radio Corporation Of America) / 09026 63563 2

Year of production 1999

2. Candy   
3. Welcome to the club   
5. For sentimental reasons (I love you)   
7. Meet me at no special place   
8. The late, late show   
9. Smile   
10. Tenderly   
11. I was a little too lonely   
12. I'm an errand boy for rhythm   
13. Then I'll be tired of you   
15. Azure-té   
16. I know that you know   
17. Embraceable you   
18. I like Jersey best