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Savoy Blues

The Bowler Hats

Savoy Blues


Performers Bowler Hats
- Peter Zuber (trumpet)
- Georges Etienne (clarinet)
- Arthur Gerber (Trombone)
- Dieter Steiner (piano)
- Martin Zuber (banjo, guitar)
- Jürg Jehle (Double Bass)
- Elio Mattioni (drums)

Composers Kid Ory Sid Robin Bowler Hats

Date of recording at about 2002


Buona Sera New Orleans

Bowler Hats

Buona Sera New Orleans

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / TBH 602

Year of production 2002

1. South Rampart Street Parade
2. Original Dixieland One Step
4. Avalon
6. Weary Blues
10. Sweet Sue
11. Wabash Blues
12. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
13. Buona sera