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Big Time

Caecilie Norby & Curtis Stigers

Big Time


Performers Caecilie Norby (vocals)
Hans Ulrik (baritone sax)
Ulf Wakenius (electric guitar)
Lars Danielsson (Double Bass)
Morten Lund (drums)
Göran Kroon (cymbals)
Xavier Desandre Navarre (percussion)
Danish Radio Concert Orchestra

Composers Caecilie Norby Lars Danielsson

Date of recording at about 2007


Slow Fruit

Caecilie Norby

Slow Fruit

Record Label Enja Records / 9185

Year of production 2007

1. My man
3. First conversation
4. Raised on blue moods
5. Circus circus
6. Afterglow
7. Slow fruit
8. Fools of love
9. Power of the fools
10. Zoeanne
11. Moonlight
12. Poem and prayer