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Just Friends

Joe Williams

Just Friends


Performers Joe Williams (vocals)
Norman Simmons (piano)
Henry Johnson (electric guitar)
Bob Badgley (Double Bass)
Gerryck King (drums)
- Med Flory (alto sax)
- Lanny Morgan (alto sax)
- Ray Reed (tenor sax)
- Jay Migliori (tenor sax)
- Jack Nimitz (baritone sax)

Composers Sam M. Lewis John Klenner Med Flory

Date of recording 19 January 1989
21 January 1989


In Good Company

Joe Williams, Norman Simmons, Shirley Horn

In Good Company

Record Label Verve / 837 932-2

Year of production 1989

2. Baby You Got What It Takes
3. How Deep Is The Ocean
5. Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues
6. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
7. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
8. Too Good To Be True
9. Embraceable You
10. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone