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Major Deagan (Blues For D)

Milt Jackson & The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

Major Deagan (Blues For D)


Performers Milt Jackson (vibes)
Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
Jeff Clayton (clarinet, flute, alto sax)
Jeff Hamilton (drums)
Byron Stripling (trumpet)
Snooky Young (trumpet)
Oscar Brashear (trumpet)
Clay Jenkins (trumpet)
Bobby Rodriguez (trumpet)
Ira Nepus (Trombone)
George Bohanon (Trombone)
Isaac Smith (Trombone)
Maurice Spears (bass trombone)
Keith Fiddmont (clarinet, flute, alto sax)
Rickey Woodard (tenor sax, clarinet)
Charles M. Owens (tenor sax, clarinet)
Lee Callett (baritone sax, bass clarinet)
Bill Cunliffe (piano)
Jim Hershman (electric guitar)
Christoph Luty (Double Bass)
John Clayton (Double Bass)

Composers Milt Jackson John Clayton

Date of recording 9 June 1998 - 10 July 1998


Explosive !

Milt Jackson, Clayton - Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

Explosive !

Record Label Warner Bros. Records / 9362-47286-2

Year of production 1999

1. Bag's Groove   
2. Since I Fell For You   
3. Evidence   
4. Indiana (Back Home Again In)   
5. Deed I Do   
8. Emily   
9. Along Came Betty   
10. Revibal Meeting   
11. Recovery