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New Orleans

Tommy Sancton & David Paquette & Cornelis "Pam" Pameijer

New Orleans


Performers Tommy Sancton (clarinet)
David Paquette (piano, vocals)
Cornelis "Pam" Pameijer (drums)

Composers Hoagy Carmichael

Date of recording 7 October 1989


New Orleans Reunion

Tommy Sancton, David Paquette, Cornelis "Pam" Pameijer

New Orleans Reunion

Record Label GHB Records / BCD-283

Year of production 1989

1. Hold Me   
2. Burgundy Street Blues   
3. Girl Of My Dreams   
4. Tishomingo   
5. Rose Room   
6. Crying My Eyes Out Over You   
7. Out In The Cold Again   
8. Shake It And Break It   
9. When I Come To The End Of My Journey   
11. Yearning   
12. Whenever You're Lonesome   
13. Gee Gee Blues   
14. A Lull At Dawn