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Ain't Misbehavin'

Hans Baur

Ain't Misbehavin'


Performers Hans Baur (piano)

Composers Fats Waller Harry Brooks Andy Razaf Hans Baur

Date of recording 5 April 2002 (live)


Washboard Wiggles

Casa Loma Jazz Band, Hans Baur

Washboard Wiggles

Record Label Eigenvertrieb

Year of production 2002

1. Washboard Wiggles
2. Some Do And Some Don't
3. I Lost My Gal From Memphis
4. The Mooche
5. Down And Out Blues
6. Charleston
8. Five Pennies
9. When You're Smiling
10. Appalachion Lament
11. Birmingham Breakdown
12. I Can't Dance
13. You're Just My Type
14. Baltimore
15. Once Or Twice
16. Black beauty
17. Tiny's Stomp
18. Casa Loma Stomp