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You Might Need Somebody

Sonja Kimmons & Split

You Might Need Somebody


Performers Sonja Kimmons (vocals)
- Ueli Meldau (keyboard, background voice)
- Jean-Marc Hunziker (Elektrogitarre, background voice, electric guitar)
- Johann Bernard (Drums, drums)
- Christian Bohren (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
- Bernhard "Schugi" Schoch (background voice, trumpet)
- Ekhart Baur (trumpet)
- Edgar Schmid (Trombone)
- Luke Gadola (tenor sax, background voice)

Composers Thomas Snow Nan O'Byrne

Date of recording March 1990 (live)


Absolutely Live

Split, Sonja Kimmons

Absolutely Live

Record Label Liverpool Record / DMR 510

Year of production 1990

2. Whatcha' Gonna Do For Me
3. Street Life
4. Through The Fire
5. Chicago Song
6. We Can Work It Out
7. Ain't That Peculiar
8. Imagine