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One More Blues For Chet

Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr Quartet

One More Blues For Chet


Performers Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr Quartet
- Julian Wasserfuhr (flugelhorn)
- Roman Wasserfuhr (piano)
- Sava Medan (Double Bass)
- Andy Haberl (drums)

Composers Julian Wasserfuhr Roman Wasserfuhr

Date of recording 31 October 2005
1 November 2005


Remember Chet

Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr Quartet, Torsten Goods

Remember Chet

Record Label Act Music+Vision / 9654-2

Year of production 2006

1. There Will Never Be Another You
2. If I Should Loose You
5. Bill's Religion
7. Remember Chet
8. Beautiful Black Eyes
9. You Don't Know What Love Is
10. You Can't Go Home Again
11. My Funny Valentine