Who's Who

Nat King Cole

Who's Who


Performers Nat King Cole (piano, vocals)
Irving Ashby (guitar)
Joe Comfort (bass)
Jack Costanzo (bongos)
Lee Young (drums)

Composers A. Fisher Dunham

Date of recording 11 March 1950


Go Bongo!

King Cole Trio, Jack Costanzo, Nat King Cole

Go Bongo!

Record Label Blue Moon / BMCD 3021

Year of production 1995

1. Bop-kick
2. Laugh ! Cool Clown
6. Peaches
7. Last But Not Least
10. Top Hat Bop
11. Go Bongo
12. Rhumba Blues
15. Calypso Blues
16. All Aboard
17. Ooh Kickeroonie
18. Deed I Do
20. Rose Room
21. Down By The Old Mill Stream
22. Somebody Loves Me