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Love Jumped Out

Howard Alden/Dan Barrett Quintet

Love Jumped Out


Performers Howard Alden - Dan Barrett Quintet
- Howard Alden (Elektrogitarre, guitar)
- Dan Barrett (Trombone)
- Frank Tate (bass)
- Jackie Williams (drums)
- Chuck Wilson (alto sax)
Barrett (Trombone)
Dan (Double Bass)
Tate (Drums)
Frank (alto sax)

Composers Buck Clayton Dan Barrett

Date of recording June 1989


Salutes Buck Clayton

Howard Alden - Dan Barrett Quintet

Salutes Buck Clayton

Record Label Concord / CCD-4395

Year of production 1989

1. Candi
3. Winter light
5. Claytonia
6. Way down yonder in New Orleans
8. Mink avenue
9. Abbotsford road
10. Switch hitter
11. Beaujolais
12. A beautiful yesteryear
13. Dickie's dream