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Ernst Höllerhagen Quartet



Performers Ernst Höllerhagen Quartet
- Ernst Höllerhagen (clarinet)
- Dennis Armitage (piano)
- Sunny Lang (Double Bass)
- John Ward (drums)
John Ward (Drums)

Composers Alberto Domínguez Milton Leeds Alberto Dominguez R. Santos

Date of recording 9 December 1953


50 Years Of Music With A Touch Of Jazz

Hazy Osterwald, Ernst Höllerhagen Quartet

50 Years Of Music With A Touch Of Jazz

Record Label Strictly Jazz / 6260022

Year of production 1994

1. Aba-Daba Honeymoon
2. Twice Lucky
3. Der kleine Jimmy
4. Rag Of Rags
5. Ruby
6. I Know That You Know
7. Just One More Chance
8. How Am I To Know
12. Tide
13. The Eagle
14. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
15. Don't Blame Me
16. Three Coins In The Fountain