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I've Got A Way With Men

Erich Nussbaum & Flavia Vasella

I've Got A Way With Men


Performers Erich Nussbaum (guitar)
Flavia Vasella (vocals)
Paul Buchmeier (Double Bass)

Composers Roy Alfred Fred Wise Abner Silver Erich Nussbaum

Date of recording 2004


A Touch Of Swing

Erich Nussbaum, Flavia Vasella, Dani Solimine, Paul Buchmeier

A Touch Of Swing

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2004

1. Swing pour Rolf
5. Valse à Marino
6. Manoir de mes rêves
8. Good Morning Heartache
10. Douce ambiance
14. Valse à Maro Gurmaskro
17. Dominique
18. Valse pour Eva