I Know That You Know

Nat King Cole And His Trio

I Know That You Know


Performers King Cole Trio
Nat King Cole (piano, vocals)
John Collins (guitar)
Charlie Harris (Double Bass)
Lee Young (drums)
Stuff Smith (violin)

Composers Vincent Youmans Anne Caldwell

Date of recording 24 September 1956


After Midnight Sessions

King Cole Trio

After Midnight Sessions

Record Label Capitol Records / CDP 7 48328 2

Year of production 1987

1. Just you, just me
2. Sweet Lorraine
3. Sometimes I'm happy
4. Caravan
5. It's only a paper moon
6. You're looking at me
7. Lonely one
8. Don't let it go to your head
10. Blame it on my youth
11. When I grow too old to dream
12. Route 66
13. What is there to say
14. You can depend on me
16. Two loves have I
17. Candy