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Blues Boys Tune

B. B. King

Blues Boys Tune


Performers B.B. King (electric guitar)
James "Boogaloo" Bolden (trumpet)
Tony Coleman (percussion)
Calep Emphrey (drums)
Melvin Jackson (saxophone)
Leon Warren (electric guitar)
Michael Doster (Elektrischer Bass)
James Sells Toney (keyboard)
Stanley Abernathy (trumpet)

Composers B.B. King

Date of recording 1998


Blues On The Bayou

B.B. King

Blues On The Bayou

Record Label MCA / MCD 11879

Year of production 1998

2. Bad case of love
3. I'll survive
4. Mean ole' world
5. Blues man
6. Broken promise
7. Darlin' what happened
8. Shake it up and go
10. Good man gone bad
11. If I lost you
12. Tell me baby
13. I got some outside help I don't need
14. Blues in G