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When Your Lover Has Gone

Pierre Cavalli Trio

When Your Lover Has Gone


Performers Pierre Cavalli Trio
Pierre Cavalli (electric guitar)
Larry Bartels (Double Bass)
Martin Hug (drums)

Composers Einar Aaron Swan

Date of recording 22 July 1983 (live)


Jazz In Switzerland 1930-1975, Vol. 4


Jazz In Switzerland 1930-1975, Vol. 4

Record Label Musica Helvetica (SRI) / MH CD 110.2

Year of production 1997

1. Trumpets on parade - Groupe Instrumental Romand
2. Kelly blue - Raymond Droz Quartett
3. Last train from Overbrook - Roby Seidel Big Band
6. Minor complex - George Gruntz Quintet
7. Old folks - Henri Chaix Trio
8. Jekill Hydes - Tetragon
9. Intentionally speed - Trio M.G.M.
10. One for McCoy - François Lindemann CM5
11. Noma Kephu - Léon Francioli
12. Noël orthogonal - Bourquin-Ericksson Quartet
George Gruntz
(extract:) Naked Hamlet
13. The Tango - George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band