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My Mother's Eyes

Sonny Stitt

My Mother's Eyes


Performers Sonny Stitt (tenor sax)
Hank Jones (piano)
Al Lucas (Double Bass)
Osie Johnson (Drums, drums)

Composers Louis Wolfe Gilbert Albert Baer L. Wolfe Gilbert

Date of recording 10 June 1963


Salt And Pepper

Sonny Stitt, Paul Gonsalves

Salt And Pepper

Record Label Impulse / IMP 12102

Year of production 1997

1. Salt and pepper   
3. Theme from Lord of the flies   
4. Perdido   
5. Stardust   
6. Surfin'
7. Lester leaps in
8. Estrellita
10. Touchy
11. Never ----Sh!
13. I'm getting sentimental over you