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Soon As The Weather Breaks

Philipp Fankhauser Blues Band

Soon As The Weather Breaks


Performers Philipp Fankhauser Blues Band
- Philipp Fankhauser (vocals)
- Tosho Yakkatokuo (Drums, drums)
- Richard Cousins (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)

Composers Margie Evans Bobby Bland Bobby "Blue" Bland

Date of recording 7 March 2003 (live)
21 March 2003 (live)


Live - So Damn Cool

Philipp Fankhauser Blues Band, Philipp Fankhauser

Live - So Damn Cool

Record Label Funkhouseblues / FHB 92105

Year of production 2003

1. I feel so good
2. That's alright
3. Introduction (Why wrong is right)
4. Baby please don't go
5. Key to the highway
6. Black cat bone
9. Bring your fine self home
10. Ain't Nobody's Business
11. Dedicated
12. Life's so damn' cool
13. I'm so lonesome I could cry