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It's Crazy

Natalie Cole

It's Crazy


Performers Natalie Cole (vocals)
Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra
Joe Sample (piano)
Rob Mounsey (keyboard)
Russell Malone (guitar)
Christian McBride (Double Bass)
Jeff Hamilton (drums)

Composers Al Fields Timmie Rogers John Clayton

Date of recording at about 2002


Ask A Woman Who Knows

Natalie Cole, Diana Krall

Ask A Woman Who Knows

Record Label Verve / 589 774 2

Year of production 2002

1. I haven't got anything better to do
2. Tell me all about it
3. Ask a woman who knows
5. You're mine you
6. So many stars
7. I told you so
8. Soon
9. I'm glad there is you
10. Better than anything
11. The music that makes me dance
12. Calling you
13. My baby just cares for me