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Let It Be Me

Nnenna Freelon & Kirk Whalum

Let It Be Me


Performers Nnenna Freelon (vocals)
Takana Miyamoto (piano)
Wayne Batchelor (Double Bass)
Woody Williams (drums)
Beverly Botsford (percussion)
Kirk Whalum (tenor sax)

Composers Gilbert Bécaud Manny Kurtz Pierre Leroyer Kirk Whalum

Date of recording 20 April 2000 - 21 April 2000
23 April 2000 - 21 April 2000



Nnenna Freelon


Record Label Concord / CCD-4896-2

Year of production 2000

1. Better than anything
3. Straighten up and fly right
4. Amazing grace (Duo version)
5. Button up your overcoat
6. One child at a time
7. I say a little prayer
8. If it's magic
9. Soulcall
10. Just in time
11. Paper moon
12. 1. You're nearer 2. Nearer my God to thee
13. Amazing grace (Trio version)