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Pretty Baby

Wolverines Jazzband

Pretty Baby


Performers Wolverines Jazz Band
- Heinz Geissbühler (piano)
- Walter Sterchi (guitar)
- Fredy Lüthi (Double Bass)
Jake Hanna (Drums, drums)
Kenny Davern (clarinet)

Composers Tony Jackson Jackson

Date of recording 1991


30 Jahre Wolverines Jazzband (1961-1991)

Wolverines Jazz Band

30 Jahre Wolverines Jazzband (1961-1991)

Record Label Eigenproduktion (Wolverines) / P 19913

Year of production 1991

1. Cakewalking Babies From Home = Cakewalkin' Babies from home
2. Comes Love
3. Mood Indigo
4. Panama Rag
5. As Long As I Live
7. Copenhagen
8. Gettysburg March
9. See See Rider
10. Blue Monk
11. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'M Gone