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Same Old Blues (Again)

Blues Rooster

Same Old Blues (Again)


Performers Blues Rooster
- Patrick Lämmle (vocals, guitar)
- Daniel Zimmermann (harmonica)
- Jürg Bollmann (guitar)
- Mano Reichling (e-bass)
- Marcel Eichenberger (drums)

Composers Milton Campbell Oliver Sain

Date of recording 4 April 2002 - 6 April 2002 (live)


Big Time Blues - Live

Blues Rooster, Big Time Sarah

Big Time Blues - Live

Record Label Styx / 1008

Year of production 2003

1. I Wonder Where She Been
2. Catch The First Train
3. Don't Touch Me Baby
4. You Got Me
5. Story About My Girl
6. I Count The Minutes
7. I Just Can Live The Way I Am
8. Don't Make Me Pay
9. Fannie Mae
10. Why My Man (Won't Treat Me Right)
11. I Make Love
13. Train I Ride