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Cachaca Mecanica

Bill von Arx Orchestra

Cachaca Mecanica


Performers Bill von Arx (guitar)
Orchestra (Members Of The Former DRS-Band)
- Peter Schaller (Elektrogitarre, guitar)
- Andreas Haderer (trumpet)
- Larry McGuire (trumpet)
- Lennart Axelsson (trumpet)
- Gerdt Richter (trumpet)
- André Paquinet (Trombone)
- Rudolf Sutermeister (Trombone)
- Bobby Burgess (Trombone)
- Don Randolph (Trombone)
- Hans Peters (reeds)
- Fernando Fantini (reeds)
- Tamás Grünwald (reeds)
- Renato Anselmi (keyboards)
- Willy Bischof (keyboards)
- Tomy Krucker (programming)
- Joël Reiff (e-bass)
- Peter Keiser (e-bass)
- Roman Dylag (Double Bass)
- Curt Treier (percussion, drums)
- Billy Kudjo Todzo (percussion)

Composers Erasmo Carlos Peter Schaller R. Carlos

Date of recording 1986 - 1989


Guitar Portrait

Bill von Arx, Orchestra (Members Of The Former DRS-Band), Sonja Kimmons, DRS Jazz Quartet

Guitar Portrait

Record Label Combo Records / CD 445 0012

Year of production 1994

1. Morning Train (Nine To Five)
2. Who's Holding Donna Now
5. Yeh! Yeh!
13. Half A Minute
15. Night Train To Memphis
16. Spread A Little Happiness
17. Sneaking Out The Backdoor
18. Try To Remember
19. Clouds