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Blue Bash

Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith

Blue Bash


Performers Kenny Burrell (electric guitar)
Jimmy Smith (hammond)
Mel Lewis (drums)

Composers Jimmy Smith

Date of recording 16 July 1963


Blue Bash!

Kenny Burrell

Blue Bash!

Record Label Verve / 557 453-2

Year of production 1999

2. Travelin'   
4. Blues for Del   
5. Easy living   
6. Soft winds   
7. Kenny's sound
8. Travelin' (alternate take)   
9. Fever (alternate take)
10. Soft winds (alternate take)   
11. Kenny's sound (alternate take)   
12. Easy living (alternate version)   
13. Travelin' (breakdown take)   
14. Kenny's sound (alternate take)